Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Two Great Men

This morning we are mourning the loss of the life of Mike's Grandfather, Arlton Connell. Two years ago on this very same day, My grandfather, Ed Wallen, passed away as well.
Arlton grew up in Central Florida, worked as a Railroad Engineer.
Ed grew up in Northern Pennsylvania and worked in the Steel Mill.
Two great men, neither of which lived this life with much money, power, or fame. But, nontheless had tremendous influence in the lives of those they loved. Both men will continue to be missed.

Arlton Connell

Ed Wallen


J'Aime said...

I'm sorry Melanie. I hope this doesn't sound stupid (or insensitive)to you, but as I read your blog the thought came that if there is a day that you each need to miss someone so special, it's nice that you can support or relate to one another in such a unique way. Please pass my sympathies to Mike for his loss.

Art Teacher said...

Mel I am so sorry for you guys...I love that you have those old pics, they are priceless! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Melba, sorry to hear about Mike's grandfather. It's never easy. You are in my prayers. Love you