Friday, January 29, 2010

Pacifica, Ca

I just happened to hear on the story on the news of Pacifica, California. I guess certain parts of the ocean cliffs are eroding and homes are threatened to fall into the ocean. If you care to read or see images, Go to this link.

The reason it struck an interest is because we were just there the other day. The day before we left San Fran. Mike wanted to go see the Pacific Ocean's waves and maybe catch a glimpse of people surfing. The weather had been rainy. When we got to the shore, it wasn't raining anymore, but really really windy and cold. Owen kept saying, "I don't like this place" which is why you won't see any pictures of his face :)

It was a beautiful place to visit, no surfers however due to the weather. If i had the choice of living in San Fran, this place is by far the best: gorgeous ocean views, much better than living crammed among the houses in the heart of the city and only about 15 minutes outside of everything, (if that).

Although this view is that bad either. Mike took this pic after we drove up to Twin Peaks, a mountain top view of the city lights. Notice the Golden Gate bridge in the distance. Owen wasn't crazy about his place either, "I'm really cold."

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