Saturday, January 30, 2010

Family Mission Statement

This paragraph sums up how we want to lead our family:

"My parents worked hard to create a home atmosphere that encouraged us kids to take God seriously but not take ourselves too seriously. The flavor of Christianity they cultivated in our family was joyful, warm, inviting, hospitable, and real, not legalistic or oppressive. We laughed hard and often mostly at ourselves. We were trained to think deeply about God, to feel passionately for God, and to live urgently in response to God. The gospel according to my parents needed to be understood with our heads, felt with our hearts, and worked out with our hands. Anything short of this was a less-than balanced expresson of true Christianity. They taught us to think, to read, to pray, to sing, to cry to love, to serve."
--Tullian Tchividjian
from the book Unfashionable

Well Said

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Amber said...

i remember reading that. pretty good, huh?