Saturday, December 5, 2009

10 reasons why I've loved this week

Besides the previously negative post, this week has been riddled with GOOD. It was the small pleasant memories each day that I chose to "ponder in my heart." I must say, I feel alive in the Winter. December in particular is my favorite month. Staying home is so much more enjoyable when the windows are open, the breeze is cool, and the air smells like Balsam Fir. Let me clarify, this is Florida winter I am talking about. Sometimes I forget that the majority of the country is shoveling snow.

Some of the cherished memories this week:
( pictures will be added a little later)

1. THE mentioned above

2. An afternoon outside laying on the hammock while the kids dug in the dirt, playing a little football with them, then taking pictures while Daddy dug out the dirt hill to form a bike ramp and watching with a nervous heart while all three boys (Dad included) jumped the hill on their bikes.

3. Getting our Christmas tree. Probably the tallest and fullest one since the establishment of the Connell household 9+years ago. There are several great things about this tree. a) it smells lovely, b) we moved furniture and redecorated the whole living room around this tree. (some may know that it doesn't take much for me to re-decorate :)) c) we have new LED energy efficient lights on it, thanks to a large garage sale by Home Instead Senior Care- the lights have a much kinder glow and are not hot to the touch, d) Now the darkness of the mornings and evenings is made cozy and inviting for plenty of book reading and breakfast picnics.

4. Our Advent Calendar: found it at Jo-Ann's fabric, consists of 25 little booklets, and comprises one excellently told story of Christ's birth. So much so that I tear up everytime I read it. Each night we read one new story from it and will continue to do so until Christmas Eve.

5. Imagining with Owen: This boy's brain is so imaginative that it intimidates me at times. He loves to create with his mind and role play. He is so enamoured with his trucks that i will admit it is hard for me to sit and play, but when I let go, I find myself in a fantasy world that is so incredible and there is no turning back. It is times like these that help ease 75% of the other times right now when he is acting "3."

6. Date night with my husband: ENOUGH SAID!!!

7. Blind side: an inspiring movie seen on date night which afterward we both expressed our desires in living out of a missional life.

8. Christmas Shopping: I love shopping for the kids

9. Cookbooks: It was a highlight for me while shopping in Marshalls, to come across a cookbook called Decepetively Delicious for $6.99. My interested was sparked when I heard about a cookbook that "sneaks" vegetables into meals and desserts.
The other cookbook I have been wanting is The Almond Flour and Gluten Free Cookbook. My mom ordered it for me today from Amazon. I have tried 2 or 3 of these recipes and they are very delicious and healthy.

10. Harvest time ministries. Well this could have been #10, but unfortunatley due to the constant rain the last two days, our family service project was post-poned. I was really looking forward to this. We will hopefully participate in the near future.


Art Teacher said...

Is deceptively delicious written by Jerry Seinfield's wife?
I love that you always redecorate your house!

Jill said...

put a picture up of your redecorations...I need inspiration.