Friday, December 11, 2009

Creativity or Competition?

Yesterday I enjoyed creating a homemade snowman with my kids.
I was proud of us!
It was one of Caeden's school projects
Then, when we brought it to school today and saw some of the other snowmen..............
I was humbled.
This was our cute little guy:

(notice he has feet, because Owen wanted him too :)
and Caeden wanted him to have a sailor hat instead of a top hat)

This was theirs:
1) one was made entirely out of food and is more creative than the picture i found on the web
i was so impressed that i want to make one myself and posted a link to this foodie snowman for a recipe.

2) One was made out of styrofoam that looked completely like they had some Northern snow shipped down here and made a perfectly shaped ball out of it. Similar to this one below, but much larger

Even though our snowman is not 3D or edible or perfect.....what I am trying to learn is to relish in the creative time and NOT be a mom that is just in competition with other moms.
Merry Christmas!


Art Teacher said...

I love your little snowman! I think he is definitely something to be proud of especially since you didn't spend any extra money to make him!

Angi said...

I couldn't agree with you more. You and your boys enjoyed making him....and that is ALL that counts!