Sunday, December 20, 2009


Happy Birthday Owen.... (in Reese's Truck)

Happy Birthday to our 3 year old son who fills our lives with JOY
there are a gajillion things WE LOVE about you, but for the sake of lists,
here are a few:

1. His passion for Maurice's Truck, --the silver Toyota work truck pictured above that Maurice drives for Woodsmoke. Owen calls him Reese. (We have joked that any fortune cookie Owen may read could end with the phrase "in Reese's Truck")

2. His constant smile mixed with a crinkly nose, blonde locks, and sparkling blue eyes (in Reese's Truck)

3. When he snuggles with mommy and says, "I like you" (in Reeses truck)

4. A true Daddy's boy and will do anything to be with him (in Reeses's truck)

5. His passion for playing with toys (in Reese's Truck)

6. He can't stay hidden but loves to hide when Daddy comes home (in Reese's truck)

7. His love for hats worn backwards and sunglasses even indoors (and in Reese's truck)

8. The way he yells "Caeden" with pure glee when big brother arrives home from school (in Reese's truck)

9. He never has a lack for words (not even in Reese's truck)

10. The way he parks his trucks by his bed everynight (in Reese's truck)

11. You can always tell what he has had to eat, cuz the evidence is all over his face (in Reese's truck)

12. "I'n hungwy....I'n still hungwy.....I'n still hungwy" (all day long and in Reese's truck)

13. When he has nothing else to say, his default words are "Why?, What?, and Badguy!" (in Reese's truck)

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Art Teacher said...

Has he ever mentioned taking Libby for a ride in Reece's truck? ! Happy birthday future son-in-law!