Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Tonight, I had the pleasure of joining in on a Yoga/meditation session with my Aunt and Uncle at the local Unity Church. It has been someting that has peaked my interest for sometime. They lead the sessions every Tues. night. The meditation lasted for about 30 minutes and I used that time to pray, earnestly, sincerely; to call out God's name and claim His presence; to recite the truth found in Scripture; to pray for each person in that room that the Name of Jesus and the truch that He is alive and his redemptive power be so overwhelming that each person not be able dismiss it. There was an emptiness in the room and I prayed for God's presence to penetrate that room. The feeling of oppression is uncomfortable but God is victorious and his peace passes all understanding. Namaste is the term used in yoga for "the light within me honors the light within you." But if they only knew that Jesus is the Light, the Truth, and the Way. A Oneness blessing was given at the end of the session in which the giver (leader) allows the "divine" to pass through him onto the receiver (me). I hope that my openess to being a part this with my relatives allows a more open conversation to flow between us about Christ and his Redemptive truth.

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Art Teacher said...

That is so awesome...what a great opportunity you have now. Have I ever mentioned that I want to be like you when I grow up?