Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fishing Fiasco

It started out to be a promising day... Weather was great, Kids were excited, Fishing poles were set...Today was going to be the first fishing lesson for some eager boys.

GranDaddy even joined us to offer help, bond with the kids, and try to catch a few.

Then Mommy, had to give it a try...enough said
I thought for sure I would be the lucky one to reel in the big fish
that no one else seemed to be able to catch.
On my second cast, (because my first didnt go past the grass) instead of catching a fish, I caught the TREE!
How you may ask?
I have no idea!!

Notice how far Caeden is standing away from the tree. Then look a little further to the right, and that is where my fishing line got stuck. No where in the vicinity of where i was aiming.

Poor Mike had to paddle the boat out to the tree while we watched on the bank.

It took much longer than these pictures relay because the boat kept drifting away from the tree. Think about standing in a boat trying to maintain your balance, all the while holding one paddle that serves sometimes as a paddle and sometimes as a tool to unhook the fishing line.

Right in the center of this photo,( If you look close enough, or enlarge this picture) you will see the red/white bouy hanging from the line.

He unhooked it, by breaking two branches and thus breaking the line. The hook and lure were still stuck in the tree until the trusy paddle knocked it into the water, never to be seen again

So I have been told that I am officially banned from any and all family fishing trips.
That is disappointing, because I really was trying to catch a fish.
9/9/09 mike has just informed me that I can still attend the fishing trips, just can't use a pole.
Gee thanks


J'Aime said...

at least you didn't "hook" one of the boys ;)

Melanie said...

oh, good thought, that would have been BAD

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the first time Erik took me fishing (without kids). I was crying by the end of the trip!! haha Now, we really enjoy fishing together - and I did get a lot better!! Don't let them ban you!

Melanie said...

thanks for the support Ash