Sunday, September 13, 2009

A conversation

At dinner time tonight:

O: " Mom, can we make some angels?"

C: "I want to be an angel for Halloween"

Me: " Did you know that God's angels are super strong and have spears and swords to fight against the evil forces?"

C: " no, wow, and they ride horses"

somehow story changes to

C: " like the people who hid inside the horse and told the other people it was a present and then they came out of the horse."

Me: dumbfounded that he was talking about the Trojan War:
"wait, where did you hear that story?

C: "in my horse book, why did the king want to give them a present?"

Me: explained that the horse was a trick so the Greeks could surprise them and occupy their land

C: " what does occupy mean?"

Me: "take over someone's land, and did you know that we need God's angels to fight for us because the Devil tries all kinds of tricks to occupy our heart, and we need to make sure that only Jesus occupies our heart." explanation a little more involved but that is the short version

C: " like David wanted to occupy Goliaths land?"

Me: "it was the other was around, Goliath and the Philistines wanted to occupy Israels land"

5 minutes later:
C: " mom, i want to occupy your land"

story ending with C lying on the floor pretending to be Goliath hit by David's stone

i love these conversations

a few minutes later however there were major meltdowns of both boys over having to wear jeans to church tonight. I lost my patience and lashed out at them. which has been happening too much lately. I need to remember myself to not let pride, selfish, impatience, and discontent occupy my heart, but the KING of Kings who can wash me white as snow and make me pure again.


J'Aime said...

your honesty encourages me...i am overwhelmed sometimes with the negative self talk after I lash out or am impatient with the boys. it's hard somedays when it's 2 of them coming at you...:) we had our battle of wills over jeans on Saturday. :)

Amber said...

oh my word. i gotta go read this to Sam.