Thursday, March 5, 2009

Socks in my Garbage Disposal

I have always like the name of the blog Rocks in My Dryer because, having two young boys in the house, makes me relate to that phrase.  For some reason, anything that has a lid or door has to have something inside of it; there can be no empty or open cubby space in this house.  Even on the back of the big boy potty seat, there is a little storage space and when O sits down he opens the lid to make sure his toy car is still there.   The seat lid on his firetruck always has toys underneath it, when i empty the clothes hamper I find toys at the bottom, when I opened the drawer to get a diaper out tonight I found a toy airplane; he is constantly moving things from one place to the next.  Funny thing is, he remembers where he puts his stuff, one time I asked him where Caeden's drink was and he went out in the garage opened up the lid to the engine of C's battery powered truck and handed the sippee to me.  It amazes me and makes me smile.  On one paticular day, I had the boys help me deliver the folded laundry to their room.  They hauled the laundry via the bed of their tonka trucks and the clothes ended up in the bathroom sink, play room, and their bedroom floor.  I guess I wasn't watching closely enough because somehow O also placed a sock in the kitchen sink.  A week later, after wondering why the food was taking so long to go down the drain and funny noises coming from the disposal,  Mike asked me to stick my hand down the drain (with it turned off naturally).  And behold, this is what I pulled out, a Sock from the laundry sorting day. We had a good laugh!

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J'Aime said...

This is so my house! Eli is into opening and closing all clasps...the highchair, car seat, stroller...anything with a "seatbelt" thankfully he can't open everything, even though Ezra has taught him how to open the child safety locks on every cupboard in the house...AGH! nothing is safe! I enjoy looking at your blog, it's so funny to read about the kids...and you're topics and point of view are very encouraging to read some days when I am strung out from "pulling socks out of the disposal" :) I read that same love and logic book and thought it was great...have CD's too, very funny while being very helpful.