Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patricks Day
In Memory of my "proud to be Irish" Grandmother, we dressed in green, made leprechaun ears for the Woodsmoke Guys, and made 4 leaf clover name tags for the Woodsmoke Gals.  I realized afterward that the Shamrock is a 3 leaf clover. Shhh my kids don't know that yet! oops!
We made these fun ears after reading makes and takes.
We took them to Woodsmoke at break time and made the Maintence men wear them.

These are the name tags we made for Daddy and the Office ladies.  Seemed to look more like a 4 leaf clover in real life than in this picture.

While at Woodsmoke today we:
1) rode bikes with Daddy, while wearing a green cape. why not wear a cape, it is green:)
2) rode on the golf cart
3) watched John cut down some really tall trees
4) ate lunch from Jimmy Johns
5) made lasting memories

I will leave you with a quote from used often by my grandmother,
"It is hard to be an Eagle, when you are surrounded by Turkeys"

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J'Aime said...

how do you upload your photos onto your blog? i like the black framing and I think i noticed sometimes the photos are titled...is it your pc software or a web thing...help me :)