Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Did You Know???

1)  My sister Amber is Pregnant?
She is due Oct. 10th with her little bambino(a), maybe this means a trip to Italia this year
I get to see her this Fri for a long weekend in Philly !!!!

2) My sister Hope moved to Sarasota?
she will be the manager at the Mac Cosmetics Store and we will miss her.

3)  Did you know how big the earth is?
When C asked me, I thought  "oh man, I really don't know the answer", so we looked it up on...
and watched a short video that was funny and interesting
we learned that the earth is:
8,000 miles in diameter
approx. 25, 000 miles all the way around the outside of the planet. (26,000 if you ask my husband who some how knew the answer right away and made mommy look not so smart)

To put that into toddler language:
we carefully used Daddy's measuring tape to measure each fruit snack they were eating at 4 inches long, 
And if 25,000 miles = 132,000,000 feeet = 158,400,000 inches 
it would take 39,600,000 fruit snacks lined up end to end to circle the earth

C: "Is that alot?"
me: "Yes that is a super big number, but what is even more cool is think about how big God must be for Him to create such a big world that we cannot even comprehend."

One of their earliest Bible Verses was "Our God is Great and Very Powerful"
We learned that when we pray, we can thank God for being so very great and powerful, yet still loving us and that we can believe that God is big enough to answer all of our prayers.

This is one of the parts I love about being a mom, having these crazy, fun discussions over the lunch table.
will they remember these numbers? probably not
But I sure should, since i did all the math on my calculator only later to double check it on the online calculator. 

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