Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tour De Cape

This Day was so much fun!  My mom, Amber, Hope, and I rode 15 miles in the Tour De Cape.
Mike, Brent, and John rode 100 miles.
The weather was beautiful.  It took us 1 hr 21 minutes.  It took the guys, 7 hours.  Next up, we want to do a 30 miler in March.  I wasn't as sore as I thought that I might be. Mike on the other hand, was pretty achy.  I am proud of him, because that is much farther than I can ever imagine riding my bike.

This is us, clean and without our helmets on!


Jill said...

Did he really ride that far in khakis?!? You need to buy that boy some spandex!

Melanie said...

ha ha
Unfortunately they did wear khakis. He had spandex on, but peer pressure from the other two won over. Also I guess it is macho to prove that they can ride 100 miles in khakis, whatever!