Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Got Fired Today

I got Fired today................
Let me start with the good news..........Owen had his cast removed yesterday.  It was very good news, perhaps what we were told was a fracture, was merely a bad sprain.  Although sprain or fracture, immobilization for a 2 year old is still a cast, so no harm done.  Our pediatrician recommended that we see a specialist at Pediatric Orthopedics near Health Park.  They were excellent, professional, caring, and courteous (they didn't charge us the extra $100 for cast removal).  The cast was originally applied by Dr. S. were I have been working at a PT (prn) for 2 years now.  We were told that Owen had a growth plate fracture, which can be really dangerous and serious for a two year old, so one can understand our concern and need for a different opinion.  I guess I underestimated the Insage Ego of  a certain Dr. S who flipped out and was irate when I called to cancel the appointment today because Owen got his cast removed by another physician.  He had the Receptionist call me and inform me that I will be billed $1908.00 right away and I could no longer work as a Physical Therapist. YEP! WOW! 
All because I got a second opinion? uh........does that make sense???????
So apparently, Dr. S. took it personal and the receptionist forgot to tell him that I had called earlier and explained why I was cancelling the appt with him.  Big mistake.
I called my lovely Aunt, who works there, and immediately started to cry.  She was very patient and understanding and was able to explain to her co-workers and Dr. S what my intentions were as a young, concerned patient.  I really appreciated it because the receptionist called later that afternoon to apologize to me.  As for working there, I am not so sure I really want to anymore, I think I might check out other options right now.

I am so glad that my Heavenly Father is forgiving and loving and that my identity is found in who He is in me and not my what I do or who I am.  John 15:5 " Apart from me, you can do nothing."  
Today, when I was crying.....My husband, immediately had thoughts of "who can I set straight and put in their place." Owen crawled on my lap and said "what doing mommy, what doing?" then gave me a hug.  Caeden helped me de-stress by riding bikes with me after Mike got home from work and listened to me as I rambled on about how mommy got her feelings hurt today and we should never treat others in a way that would make people sad.  
I love my family, I love that my husband wants to be my warrior and defend anyone who wrongs me.  I love that Caeden loves riding his bike so much, but that it is not complete unless his mom or dad go along and to spend quality time and discuss life with him.  I love that Owen is aware and loving enough to be sensitive to realize mommy is upset and needs a hug.
Thank you God, for showing me what really matters in life!


Art Teacher said...

I am so sorry that happened to you! I'm glad that your boys were there for you. You have your own little ar,y of protectors. Call me when you get a chance I want to here this story in detail.

Jill said...

Ahhh, Mel. You are such a tenderheart. You can only imagine what I would have done. Something to consider very seriously (my mom is an H.R. director) is that you have certain rights as an employee...They must have documentation of your faults and have shown that they have communicated this to you...if they don't, technically you can call them on the carpet. Like you said, you may not want to work there, but Dr. S needs to know his ego legally cannot run the show.

Jill said...

Hey I talked to my mom. She said that you are absolutely in the right on this one. It doesn't matter this the doctor has his own practice or not. You need to contact the Department of Labor in the state of Floride and they will lead you through the process. It is important that he knows and understands that he cannot do this.