Monday, January 12, 2009

Blogger Hiatus

My hiatus is a direct reflection of how busy we have been.  The following is a time line of our recent events.
Amber and Sam arrived --> Owens bday party --> Spent a few days in Sanibel --> drive to Tampa to have Christmas with Mikes Family and celebrate Grandma Linda, Owen , and Mike's Birthdays --> Christmas -->  Mikes Surprise Party --> drive to Sebring to see Mikes Dad and Gpa--> New Years Eve --> Owen fractured his leg and now has to wear a cast for 2 weeks --> Tour De Cape 15 mile ride for me and 100 mile ride for Mike-->  getting ready to leave Thurs. for Indiana for my friend Stacy's wedding.  This was all mixed in with sickness, an abundance of eating, date nights, movie nights with my sisters, exercise, shopping, baking, cooking, working, and not cleaning my house :).!! 
Amber and Sam will be in San Francisco for a week and we will be in Indy Thurs through Sun. Then we only have one more week with them before they return to Italia.  Our days have been filled with laughter and memory making, my kids are loving the attention from their Aunt and Uncle.  We will miss them, and we await the return of Heather, Brad, Aspen, and Addy in March.

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Art Teacher said...

You can tell that I don't take the time to read and just check out pictures, bc I totally skimmed over the part about poor Owen's leg. Kev just told me about it last after talking to Mike. So sorry to hear about it. Hope he's doing okay with it!