Friday, January 30, 2009

so proud of my kids

I apologize for the strange angle on these mobile uploaded pictures.

O got his hair all cut off today.  He looks so much more like C and so old.
I almost cried in the hair salon.  
C got his hair cut too, but it was not as drastic.
C also went to the dentist and I almost cried there too.  I am so emotional, maybe I am pregnant, (jk) He was so brave and relaxed and independent. I had nervous butterflies as I watched them stick and scrape and spray and slurp so many tools in his mouth.

They really are growing up and I still have so much I want to teach them, I am not ready to release them yet. Caeden will start preschool in the fall for 3 days a week and I am definitely not ready for that yet.
I love them so much, can't they stay little forever

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