Monday, October 20, 2008

What I need

After talking to Laura, I was even more interested in creating a boys tee, like the wonderful onesies that were made for Libby.  I found  This site and I am excited to know that an IRON ON TRANSFER PENCIL exists in the craft world.  Now it will be even easier to start the embroidery projects that I have been putting off because i have no idea how.  The lady traced a picture on any paper, turned it over and ironed it onto the fabric.  Then she stitched the outline to make an adorable embroidered scooter.
Craftiness, here I come.

This is also a really great site that sells embroidered art like below.


Laura said...

When can we try this?

Melanie said...

when i get back from VA.

The Behlmers said...

We were going to head to FL in November but our plans fell through. I'll get down there sometime!! I miss those sunny days. You always have a place to stay in Indy should you ever decide to head north!

The Behlmers said...

That would be great!! Although, there are other times in the year I would rather visit Indy. It's soo bitterly cold in Jan!!
Please let me know if you do come up. I would absolutly love to see you!!