Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun Finds @

Etsy is one of my favorite sites on the Web.  I get sucked in easily and so i thought that i would post some of the great finds that i would love to purchase.  So here is my wishful thinking list.

1.  I saw Carly's pick of favorite things and then found this Etsy store.  It is so cute and since my similar necklace that i have from American Eagle has tarnished, this would be a good replacement.

2.  How can you not love any tee or onesie that has a vintage trailer on it?
Maybe it is just the trailer park roots inside me that adores the tee from  this Etsy Store

3.  I was browsing for some artwork with black, white, and orange in it.  This Etsy Store  
has a collage of prints that i really like for our bedroom.

4.  Jewelry,  i love this cuff from this Etsy Shop

5.  I adore this pendant from this etsy shop

6,  Super Cute earrings over at this Etsy shop

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Laura said...

I love the trailor shirt... I might try to recreate it.