Thursday, October 2, 2008

Best Buds

I have said before, that I love my daily reminders from Caeden that I am his best friend.  He says the same to Daddy.  
Oh, how i wish that would never end!
I get so proud of my boys and how they are growing up.  They are getting "bigger like daddy" as Caeden says.  
I just wish the time would slow down a little.  
It is awesome to see how the boys really are developing in to best friends.  They are learning to play together so well and they are bored without each other.  Owen wants to do everything just like his older brother and Caeden is so quick to include Owen and protect him.  Although he still pummels him every once in a while and likes to tell me when he is doing something wrong, so Owen can get in his share of trouble too.
I pray that they will remain best friends forever!

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Art Teacher said...

I love these pictures, especially the one of Caeden and Sammy! Your boys are so cute, start talking to them about Libby now that she's here and see if they're interested!:)