Monday, October 6, 2008

costume changes

Just showing a few of our costumes lately. Mike's skit clothes from his Youth Pastor days have provided a lot of laughs for our kids.  Owen can't keep the hats on long enough to get a good picture, but surprisingly he does like to walk around with a bucket on his head. :)
Caeden is a clown and personal trainer in these pictures, and Sammie even got in on the fun.
Playing dress up has never been so much fun


Art Teacher said...

I'm glad owen likes to wear a bucket on his shows he's got real character!

Melanie said...

when he does, he sings..."bucket head, bucket head"
ha ha

Erin Decker said...

I love your family...precious!
hey I have a new blog too...for some reason I cannot sign on to my old one so here you go-