Sunday, March 13, 2011

Boyhood Tradition

When C was a little tike, we weren't allowed to close his bedroom door at night until we heard him say, "I love you, and good night."
Since moving to our new home, a second phrase has been added. Don't ask me how exactly, but now both boys echo:
"I love you and good night........I want a big breakfast."
Like clock work every night before we close their bedroom door this phrase is uttered by both of them. It is tender, yet hilarious and it suits them well.

I really love these two!

and tomorrow, they will get cinnamon rolls for breakfast, just because.


Amber Wheeler Spatola said...

Mmm, cinnamon rolls. I'd eat one right now. That's so funny they yell that. How does Caeds look so tan in march?

Art Teacher said...

That is so real life...of course they're thinking about breakfast when they drift off to sleep.