Monday, April 19, 2010

Handmade Church

C's latest project at school was to build a handmade church.
Here it is!
We covered a box in scrapbook paper, then cut out windows and decorated the sides.
He made people, a carpet, a bench, and a cross for the pulpit. the guy in green by the cross is the pastor. I tried to teach him how the Bible refers to the church as God's family. The building is not the church, but God's people are. I tried to have him use different colored paper for the people, but he liked the white paper better. But, he did draw different sized people, men, women, and a spider with 8 legs, so.....!

The roof was all his idea, we took a flat sheet of cardboard bent it in the middle and glued the edges down. He created it how he saw fit. One side says, "God loves me" and the other side says, "I love God"
I like the doors. they are covered in purple paper and tied with a ribbon to close


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Amber said...

that is AWESOME! one of the prettiest churches i've ever seen. :) way to go, Caeds! (why is it on the bathroom counter?)