Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Tuesday April 20, 2010. Mike has been out of town for 3 days now and will return Thursday evening. We are trying to survive. Here is our personal 24.

06:45 am- i am awake

07:10 - caeden is awake

07:30 -wake up owen to take his medicine for his ear infection

07:45 -eat breakfast and talk to Amber and Dylan on Skype.

08:30 -owen finally takes his medicine after a lot of bribing and several threats

09:00 -caeden runs in the house and falls on a unsharpened pencil (yes he was holding it while running) and punctures his eye

09:30 - meet realtor to sign papers for another offer on our house

09:45 - pediatricians office for caedens sore throat and newly punctured eye

10:30 - come back home with no meds and no stitches for caeden

11:00 - reserve 15 spots on May 1st on the Pieces of 8 family pirate cruise for Caeden's 5th bday

11:30 - Prepare green smoothies, left over pizza, and homemade gluten free butter cookies for lunch. Kids loved the smoothies!

13:00- all 3 of us lay in my bed to take a rest, because we are all feeling under the weather

13:30 -owen goes to his bed to take a nap, (he wasn't resting)

14:15 -kylie comes to the house to babysit so I can go to my orthopedic surgeon for more x rays and an update on my fractured radius

15:00 - 18:15 -at Dr. Kagans office with no book and no water bottle and no good magazines. YES the doctors visit lasts 3 hours. All to find out that my fracture is healing well but I am to wear this darn sling for 3 more weeks. Then he offered me a PT job of all things. I must have been hiding my annoyance well. I passed the time with mingling with other disgruntled patients and by counting my pulse and figuring every 10 beats my heart would skip. I have been feeling these palpitations since Sun. but never sat down long enough to figure them out. I just figured it was due to the large amounts of Extra strength tyelonol, organic iced green tea, or Echinacea I had been ingesting lately. During this time my thyroid doctor called me to tell me that my T3 levels were too high, I needed to lower my thyroid dosage, and that was the cause of my malfunctioning heart.

17:30 - my parents relieve Kylie and pick up the boys to meet me for dinner

18:00 - we are supposed to be at the bmx track for C's practice. His first race is the 23rd.

18:45: -eat Alice Springs Chicken at Outback with my parents and kids

19:30 -take the kids to play on the playground at lakes park

20:45 -bath time, Bible stories, then put Caeden to bed, he is exhausted and feeling sick

21:00--21:30 -Owen lays in my bed and we talk, he was wide awake and happy to have his turn of sleeping in mommys bed since Daddy was out of town. He would ask me serious questions like, "mom do you have a motorcycle?"

22:00 Caeden comes in my room crying really hard. I thought maybe he had a bad dream and i told him he could lay in bed with us. (we had been asleep by then)

22:00 -1:30am caeden cries all night long every time he swallows (now we are not sleeping)

01:30am -I finally give him some tyelonol I then go to use the bathroom

01:35am -The Toilet Clogs. And my one-armed plunging is not fixing it

02:00am - to 06:45 am try to fall asleep amongst 2 kids and a dog in my bed making a lot of noise all night.

Dear Husband, AKA Jack Bauer, we need rescued!
I am getting better, only cried once. I would like to say that I am able to handle it all on my own, but that would be a lie. Truth is if I hadn't gotten up at 6:45 to pray and fast for my husband, then i would have been a basket case the rest of the day. Thank you Lord, for protecting my son and his eye, for letting me see the humor in a day gone awry, for giving me a husband who loves and laughs with me through it all, and for rescuing me every 24.


Laura said...

wow... crazy day you had.

You always seem to have those when your Mr. is away.

Hope today is much better

Art Teacher said...

I like this!

Anonymous said...

OMG Melanie! So sorry your day was like that. It is not easy when our men are away. James has been gone (to your state!) for what is now working on 7 months! CRAZY! I thought that temporary single motherhood would get doesn't! I hope Mike is back and helping your days go a little easier! Miss you!