Friday, March 12, 2010

In Training

Big Brother needs to watch closely, because the little one is close on his heels,
or shall we say tires!

Caeden is always pushing wood together for a make-shift ramp, so Mike finally drilled on toghther that wouldn't fall apart. Owen is loving every minute of it also. I wan't so popular when I made them wear full face helmets on this paticular day. The below picture is so funny to me because it shows competition and camraderie all at the same time. They both blamed each other for "who got in the way." That is what life has been like lately: competition, all out brawls enough to drive a mom nuts, and yet camraderie, with statements like, "Just a minute mom, I want to play with Owen first." At times, the Younger wants to be so independent and just like his brother, while the Older still wants to be taken care of like the baby and forego all independence. It seems that there should be a good caption for this photo, but I can't quite pinpoint it.

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