Friday, March 19, 2010

The Count of Monte Cristo

The Repudiated, the Clandestine, and the Avenger
What I learned from the Count of Monte Cristo

A classical novel from the 1800's, don't be fooled by the proper grammar, the characters are anything but innocent. Each filled with his own secret tale of neglect and the need for revenge. Much like today, except we don't necessarily challenge others to a duel. Edmond Dantes was young, innocent, and in love. His life , as fate would have it, ended the day he was wrongfully accused, sent to prison without trial, thrown into a dungeon, and kept there for 14 years. Through his escape, he was "re-birthed" as the Count of Monte Cristo, hence the Repudiated becomes the Avenger. His new life had one goal now, to avenge the life of Edmond Dantes. Edmonds accusers were now a part of wealthy Paris society; pristine on the outside, clandestine on the inside. Each living with a secret that, if let loose, would end their life forever. Money was the ruler in Paris, and marriages were arranged accordingly, so that your place in society would be set. Real love without any strings attached was similar to Romeo and Juliet, forbidden . As I read this book, I felt as though my mind were watching an incredibly riveting movie, filled with passion, betrayal, and suspense. I throughly enjoyed the book up until the last chapter, it ended without the reconciliation I was looking for. Not sure if I am too unusual, but when I read a book or watch a movie, I undoubtedly, search for some life application. Whether that is good or bad, it's just what I do. In this book, I was saddened by the emptiness in the life of the characters. No honesty in any relationships, and lived a facade of appearances. Life was more about what others thought of you than who you really were. I think it is easy to fall into that trap of performance, and not letting anyone know the real you. My husband has been my life example in so many ways. Owen commented just today, "Daddy has a lot of friends." I got to explain to my 3 yr old the reasons why, "because Daddy is real, genuine, honest& trustworthy with everyone and in any situation. And when you are friendly to others, they will be friendly to you." Maybe my life applications should come from my 3 yr old conversations more often and then I need not read any 600+ page novel again.


Amber said...

yah,they lived surrounded by lies for sure...every one of them. though i just realized there were some good relationships, like M. Noirtier and his granddaughter, Albert and his mom Mercedes, the Count and Haydee...but they all had to live among the lies too and keep it hush. i would have liked a different ending too but it didn't put a damper on the book for me. did it for you?

Mel said...

to me, the ending es el mas importante