Friday, March 5, 2010

Enough Already

We have been down and out for quite while now. It all started a few weeks ago, the boys both had high fevers. Owen with upper respiratory, and Caeden with vomiting. Plus my cell phone decided never to work again, so i was without one for 5 days. Plus I got a sinus infection of sorts that has lingered way too long. Plus my doctor called me with my blood test results and informed me that my Thyroid levels were low again and I need to increase from 90mg to 150 mg. (No wonder I have been craving naps lately.) Plus I injured my back yesterday, can't stand up straight, and have bad muscle spasms. Plus PMS!
One would think I am exaggerating, but unfortunately I am not. I have been irritable lately, maybe from all of the above, but I still don't like my easily angered self. Sometimes I blame it on the fact that I am working two days a week and can't handle any added stress. But I still need to get a grip! The goodness that came out of the boys sickness is that Owen is now POTTY TRAINED! but has also decided he is too big for naps as well :) We have been staying home a lot more, reading a ton of library books, riding bikes, & enjoying the weather. Last night, because of my back, mike went for pizza take-out. The boys were going to go with him, but Caeden didn't want to "stop riding." C's love for riding bikes is a tender spot for his Daddy, because it reminds him of his childhood. I have been trying to get a video of Owen on the "cruiser bike" because he will be riding a bike really soon. Owen will push himself quickly with his feet and then lift them up while balancing and cruising on his bike. He loves that rusty little bike and really wants to be on the BMX track with big brother.
Just thought I would jot down the good and bad lately, time to go take a little nap :)


Jill said...

I thought it was just me! I got a nasty sinus infection. Sage got pneumonia. We had to spend a day at the hospital with Teague, breath treatments, and O2 levels due to respitory distress due to RSV. It has been a bad wonder Kyle and I have been at each other's throats. If Mama aint happy, aint nobody happy.

J'Aime said...

This last month I was so tired and by the second sinus infection of as many months, my brain literally hurt. MOM needs more SLEEP. Hope you did get a nap.
How about a week like you described than you show up to the nursery at your very part time job, only to be welcomed by a paper informing you about the signs and care for pinworms. Dude, if that shows up in my kids, I'm done, over the edge! :)

Amber said...

Mel I didn't know Caeden was throwing up when he was sick. poor thing. little kids throwing up seems worse to me than adults doing it. And i didn't know either that you had to increase your medicine. Is it making a difference or does it make you testy too?