Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's a boy

I previously posted this really quickly because I had just received the news that Amber is expecting a boy due Oct. 10, 2009.  I didn't had time to explain myself before, so, now I will.
My sister, Amber, and her husband, Sam,  have lived over in Italy for 2  1/2 years now as missionaries with Saints Bible Institute.  It is a place where christian college students can study abroad for a semester, receive training in Biblical Theology and Missions and travel throughout Italy.   Sam is the dean of students and Amber teaches Italian to the students.   The school is located in San Lorenzo, Italy which is northeast of Venice.
It was founded by Amber's in-laws (Sam and Chris Spatola) who 11 years ago also founded  Saints Equiped to Evangelize. (SEE)
SEE is a ministry that utilizes short term missions teams to travel Italy in the summer preaching the good news of Jesus and connecting them with local church plants around the country.  I have had the privilege of being involved on a missions team back in 2001 and it was an experience I will never forget.  We were located in Trieste, Italy, during the day we scoured the streets with evangelism and tract distribution, and at night time we performed ministry through mimes and songs in order to draw a crowd in the piazzas, then at the end someone would preach God's salvation message through an interpreter.  I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a life-changing missions adventure in Europe.
If anyone knows of any college students that would jump at the chance to study abroad in Italy, then please contact here  to obtain information.

In October, Owen and I will be flying over to Italy to meet the little bambino and help care for him and my sister.  My parents will be over there as well, but for a longer stay.  I am really excited to be there to purely serve my sister through the birth of her firstborn son, although the location does make it a little sweeter.
Can't wait to see you Am, I love you 


Art Teacher said...

Wahoo! Congrats to they have a boy name.

Melanie said...

No boy names yet

Laura said...

Hooray! for boys and ITALIA!

Erika said...

congrats to ur sister!
It's is my dream to go to Italy one day!!! Maybe when Keilah is older we can plan another mission trip!

Melanie said...

Sounds great erika!

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