Thursday, June 4, 2009

Answered Prayer

My oldest boy has had glasses for 2 years now.  He was born with a dermoid on the lateral border of the iris in his right eye.  When he was 2 years of age our pediatrician recommended we see a Pediatric Opthamologist to further diagnose his eye.  Through several doctors visits we found out that he had an astigmatism and amblyopia and would need to wear glasses at all times and  a patch for 2  hours a day (on the good eye).  Last week we had another check up with the doctor and received a huge answer to prayer.  His eyesight has improved so much that he no longer needs glasses!! Amazing.  The doctor wants him to wear a patch on the good eye for up to an hour a day. In order to do that we need to either use the patch we have that fits on his glasses, but pop out the lens on the left eye or find a cool pirate patch like this ...

 I am so thankful that we serve a God that heals and a God that truly bends down an listens to the prayers of his people.  
We will return to the doctor in 8 months to re-check 
his eyesight as well in July, we are taking Owen to the 
opthamologist for his first eye exam since amblyopia can
run in the family.


J'Aime said...

that's awesome---we have those cool pirate patches at our house!

J'Aime said...

Michael's craft store. do you ahve them in FL?