Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A mother's treasure

It's not a good feeling when you pick up your son from school and the teacher tells you of how disruptive, disobedient, and rude he was in class. She pretty much said, "I am not sure if you have discipline at home for this type of behaviour, but something needs to be done."
Well, his discipline today was, no riding his bike (a big deal if you viewed the previous post). Then I mentioned that he should write a letter of apology to his teacher.
Right before homework time, he wrote this ........ "sre fow mi acshinz."
Then he said, "I'm done with the note to the teacher."
I was surprised, "what do you mean? you already wrote it? what did you say?"
He replied, "I wrote sorry for my actions."

This is one of those moments! The treasured motherhood moments when you receive something that you know will be kept through the ages and shown to his future wife. The kind of momento that goes right into the hope chest (if only I had one).

We wrote the letter again (3 more times acutally) and below is what he is really giving to his teacher.
Although I am sure she might appreciate the one above; it's going to be mine forever, at least until his wedding day!
Thank you, Caeden
you are my treasure!

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