Friday, January 28, 2011

Class project

The school where C attends has a big fundraising auction every other year. It's a big deal and they try to get everyone involved. Each class is responsible for donating a "class gift" to be auctioned off for big money. The auction isn't until March, but the room-mom and I have been working on the Kindegarten class project since August. Our idea was to create a family rules board. They have been really popular lately and I pine for some of the ones found on Etsy. The walls in my dining room are bare, in hopes that one day I will make our own rules board. The class project is finally complete and honestly I would rather see the artwork hanging in my house.
Caeden's teacher sat down with each child individually and had them answer a few questions about God's rules/family rules/what the have learned in Kindegarten. Each child had 3 or 4 answers and we chose the best ones to place on the board. Caeden's says, "be thankful for what your mom makes for dinner." In order to make it more personal, we chose to place each child's first name and last initial in small gray print by their quote. Then at the bottom we added "Love God Love Others" and the teachers name and year it was completed.
We toiled around with the idea of placing it on wood, but chose 24x32 in. canvas instead since we knew someone who could design it from their computer program. He designed a few different layouts, we picked our fave, then he saved it in on jpeg and put it on a disc for us. I uploaded it to Costco photos, ordered it and it arrived in about 5 days. The pictures I show doesn't do it justice, since it is all wrapped in shipping plastic.
I am really pleased with how it turned out and hope the school can make a cool mill. off of it (or at least $100).


maria glassford said...

That's awesome Melanie!!! I want one too!!! What a great idea...
Didn't you have something similar like this hanging in your house?? (not rules..but something else..)

Art Teacher said...

I love this, I almost want a copy of it! It makes it even better that the kids came up with it on their own!

vicki chandler said...

this is awesome!! love the idea!!!!!