Saturday, February 6, 2010

What the boys are loving right now!

I often hear (from my sisters) about the weirdness of my kids. And though I can't really deny that claim, one thing I know for sure is how much they truly LOVE LIFE. We laugh hard every day and besides, finding joy in someone else's joy, well, that is LOVE!
Here are 14 things they are hard core loving right now! and yes they really do dress like this daily

1. Shared Love: Heart by Jars of Clay

Jars of Clay Heart Lyrics:
I let it get dark, so you'll see the stars
They'll say we're in love, we probably are
No mountains to climb,
papers to sign
Offer your heart, I've given you mine

One flag left to burn, one country to fall
One soul to pour out,
one love to catch all
No walls to defend, wars to align
[ Find more Lyrics on ]
Give me your heart, you already have mine
No mountains to climb, papers to sign
Offer your heart, I've given you mine

No mountains to climb, papers to sign
Offer your heart, I've given you mine
No walls to defend, wars to align
Give me your heart, you already have mine
Give me your heart, you already have mine
Offer your heart, I've given you mine
Heart, Jars of Clay [end]

here is the
it is the boys favorite song to "belt out" in the car

2. Shared Love: Bikes
From the airplane window,while flying into San Francisco a few weeks ago, we saw gorgeous hilltops. To which Caeden's first response was, "Dad, I wish I would have brought my bike!"

3. Shared LOVE: Peter Pan (and all piratey things)

they role play from this movie every day and I love hearing
them talk to each other in their own pirate language:
"peter pan ahoy"
"what makes the red man red?"
"Captain Hook, you arve!" ( is that supposed to be Arse?)
"Tink, Tink, Tink"

4 &5 . Shared Love: Costumes changes and their PJ's

Owen in his "worker man" Pajamas
Caeden in his "doctor" pajamas

they dress up as Pirates, Cowboys, Firemen, Mommy, Daddy, Construction Workers, Doctors, Handy Men, and Super Heroes to name a few
Caeden had a "wear PJ's to school day" he wore his Doctor PJ's and was the cutest boy at school, in my humble opinion :)

homemade masks
caeden as daddy maybe?

6. Owen Loves: the Fire Truck

He places the plastic step stool on the back of his firetruck as a Topper
(just like Maurice's truck)
Before he can move on to his next task, he insists that his truck be parked and that usually requires "backing it in to his parking spot"

7. Owen Loves: Hats, and Helmets
as you can see from the photo above and below

8. Owen Loves: Singing
this video is proof

9. Owen Loves: Skating and Surfing
He turns anything and everything into something he can skate or surf on.
Below is a mobile photo I took at Gymnastic world. He literally moved all these mats from around the room so he could build his skate park and skate down his ramp. A little girl came up to tumble and was quite disappointed that she had no room for her somersault. He needs no wheels, just an object that is shaped in a rectangle, and preferably something he can jump off and his imagination soars.

10. Caeden Loves: To Dance
and I hope he never stops

11. Caeden Loves: Art
When he gets home from school he usually draws a picture
I wish I had taken a photo of his art the other day, he drew a picture of an entire zoo complete with snakes, giraffes, monkeys, and Daddy as the zoo keeper.
This is his drawing of Aunt Amber that he drew for show and tell at school last week.

12. Caeden Loves: Climbing trees
we don't have many great trees for climbing in our yard,
but he finds a way to the top nonetheless.

13. Caeden Loves: Reading from our Picture Bible

this year we are reading a story from the Kids' Bible every night before bed.
Each night I hear, "Mom, can we read the Bible tonight?"
I love that question. This particular Bible really brings the stories to life. They always ask a lot of questions about each story which brings up a lot of talk about God!
The pictures inside look like a comic strip

14. Caeden loves: This Jump Rope

of course he never uses it for its intended purpose, but rather for anything else he can think of like trying to tie up our feet or to tie the couch to the side table or to tow that same side table with the fire truck

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Amber said...

oh man, those are so great, Mel.
a couple things:
-the homemade masks are great :)
-i can't get over Owen's imagination (the topper on the truck and parking it, the skatepark????)
-i love love love the videos
-are those owen's legs at the end?