Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Safari Jeep

I guess you could say that This book has been a daily read and an inspiration lately to our animal lovers. It has sparked the interest of Safari's, and Wild animals in Africa, and Game Trackers.
So when I mentioned to C that he could be a Safari Tracker for Halloween he asked if He could drive around in a jeep costume.

The kids have been playing with packing boxes in the living room lately for hide-n-seek and as a garage to park their Leggo vehicles. We decided to turn one of the boxes into a jeep. I looked for ideas online but couldn't find any except for a small blurb of instructions on a VBS website. However there were a few websites about Jeep Costumes for sale that are adorable.

We had alot of fun thinking up how it should look. Of course this always happens during Owen's naptime, so he misses out a bit. It was a very Green Jeep. Green as in earth friendly and Green as in Creative Talent:)
We trimmed all but one flap off of the box. In the remaining flap we cut out a rectangle for a windshield. We made the tires, head lights, and steering wheel out of paper plates. The grill and license plate were from scraps cut from the box flaps. We tried stapling and we tried craft glue, but what worked the best was hot glue.
For the straps we used his jumprope, strung it through two holes that were cut in the back of the box, the ties them around the windshield.

Of course, when it was complete we went on safari. All the animals from the toybox were spread out through the house and we took binoculars to go search for them. Then when daddy got home his safari with the boys involved a play rifle. HAHA
See, boxes can make for enjoyable days of fun at home.

In other news, i just bought this book to read about parenting. It looks great!


Art Teacher said...

I love this idea. You are the best mom ever!!!!

Melanie said...

Haha you are funny