Monday, April 27, 2009

Craft Time

I am realizing that I need to be a lot more prepared and  organized  as my kids get older.  Although they are more independent than they used to be, our activities require a lot more preparation and fore-thought.  They enjoy craft time, and I do too if I have all and/or can find all the right utensils needed for our crafts.  C is really starting to draw. No more does coloring consist of random scribbles, but he is putting thought into his art. I have no idea at what age this is normal, but it seems like mine might be late bloomers in the creative arts department. Nonetheless, I am going to display their artwork proudly!  

1.  First is C's drawing of his friend Chad.  Completed in Sunday School no less.

 2.  Second is our craft from today,  Addie, Owen, and Caeden made flowers.  It was supposed to be from here and look like this. 
Orginially we wanted to do egg carton bugs, but since mommy was crafting on the fly, we used what we had and tried to make flowers instead out of: plastic egg carton (not stirofoam), construction paper for the petals, glue gun, and straightened out large paper clip for the stem.  They turned out cute

3.  Third, When painting outside the other day, C asked if he could paint wood, so we grabbed some scraps from the garage and painted away.  We decided to add the word bikes and we kept painting over it then taking the eraser of a pencil to etch out the word.  I like this one.  If you notice, there is a really faint I( heart) in the background.  The scribbles were added later by crayon, I kinda wish i wouldn't have let him do that, but it is His art right?

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Jill said...

from a teacher's perspective...Komen is good stuff...