Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love you forever

I have read this book to my kids countless times and I will admit that it always seemed a little cheesy.  I'm not usually the sappy one who cries every time I read this book.  If you have ever read it, you know the famous repeated phrase,
"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be" in which the mom sings to her boy every night for his entire life.  Then when she is too old and sick to sing to him, her son picks her up and sings the song to her and inserts "my mommy you'll be."  Then he goes home and picks up his baby daughter from the crib and sings the song to her.

Well, tonight my heart strings were tugged.
Owen went to bed a little after 8pm.  C, as usual, stalled and had to eat some cereal while wearing his fireman costume before going to bed.
So around 8:45, I was praying with Caeden by his bedside (thinking that O was asleep), when I heard him say something from his crib.  I walked over to say goodnight to Owen, when he said
"You come back Mommy, You come back to give me a hug and a kiss?"
Oh how my heart melted.  "Yes Owen, I came back and I will continue to come back every night to give you a hug and a kiss for the rest of your life if you let me!" (And I might just sing a little song too!)

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Art Teacher said...

So my friend Julie just made me read that book and I basically couldn't get through the whole thing b/c I was crying. So now I'm reading you post and crying too. Libby's future husband is such a sweetie!