Saturday, February 14, 2009

A big boy room

It is time for Owen to move out of his crib.  I wanted to build him a twin size bed like we did with Caeden, but since they share a room it will be more effecient and save space if we built something like this loft bed from Ikea (below) or from DucDuc (above).  Which means that Caeden would move to the top bunk and Owen would sleep underneath on Caeden's bed.  I am ok with that, but it seems like Caeden gets all the new things, and I wanted O to have a bed of his own, made by daddy.  He is not as sentimental at 2 as his mom is at 33, so Mike started cutting the wood today.  

Owen will need his own new twin bedding set and my favorite is this Dwell kids transporation bedding from Design Public or from ModernNursery. 
Although their whole room is a surfing theme, I am not quite sure if that will match so well.
Also from Modern Nursery is the lion beddin below, which is really cute but still wont match.
Not quite sure what to do yet.
I will upload pictures of the bed construction soon.

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