Thursday, September 4, 2008

weekly wrap up

Have you ever had a busy week of not much going on?  That is how this week has felt.  I have had to work 2 days this week in the PT clinic, so any free time I had was either spent playing with my kids or getting some much needed nap-time.

We went away to visit some family in Tampa over Labor Day Weekend and it wore me out for the whole next week.  The Kids had a lot of fun swimming and laughing with cousins while Mike and I helped Michelle and Doug move into their new house.  Sleep was sparse, however.  We drove home Monday; Caeden, and I were trying to take a nap in the car, but Owen could not stop talking.  I love that he is talking, but sometimes, he doesn't know how to stop.  Seriously, for 2 hours it was "Mommy, Mommy, read it book, Daddy Daddy, see you, Hi daddy, mommy, car, have it, car dropped it".......and on and on.  
We got home, had to make some Apple Baked Bean Casserole and go to a cookout.  The lack of sleep combined with the constant need for reprimanding Caeden, made for a frustrating cookout.  
At least they slept in until 8:30 the next morning.

Now I am facing the weekend again.  Saturday night I get to help Heather with a Bon Voyage Party they are having since they leave  for Argentina on the 15th of September.  So sad they are leaving, but really excited for them at the same time.

Some cute words spoken by the kids this week:
Owen: "my tired", 
Caeden: as he was getting in trouble he says to Mike, " NO, Your My best friend" as he was running away, angry!
Caeden: look mom, "I'n inkawing" translation: I'm winking
Owen: "I love you"
Owen: "see you tomorrow", he is also repeating everything we say
Caeden: "look Mom I am a a wart hog, what is that called?" in which i respond with a smile, "It is called a Mohawk,"

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