Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hope's Apartment

Hope is still working on decorating her apartment, and until i can get over there and take some final pictures, here are some of her fun purchases.....

the Top pink canvas is from urban outfitters.
the flutterby canvas and the black and white canvas are from blueruby designs on etsy
The black chandelier wall decal is from whatisblik.  this is not the exact picture from that website.
And of course her bedding, the inspiration is from target.
She has painted one of the walls in her bedroom a green that matches her bedding.
Now all that is needed is some great art work for the living room.  it is looking so cute
Heather and I have had fun helping her shop.  She also got some great Orange curtains from IKEA that ties all the colors in together.  Hopefully i can get pictures soon.

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