Sunday, May 15, 2011

Olympic Games Birthday Party

Caedens 6th Birthday Olympics.

let the games begin

balloons filled the trampoline Event #1: water balloon toss

Event #2: Relay race. Mike and Caeden went first. Notice Mike is under the Tramp and C isn't, thats because my son cheated and skipped the second trampoline crawl.

Event #3: Sack Race. I love his face in this picture. Sheer delight and determination.

Event #4: Pin the medal on the athlete

I found printable medals online, and cut them out to "pin" on the photo of Caeden. The blind fold was an american flag handkerchief.

We also printed out gold medals and strung them on ribbon. The winner of each game, got another medal strung on the ribbon around their neck. The child with the most medals took home a huge bag of skittles.

Gift time and more trampoline time ( after all the balloons popped).

Caeden's is in the middle doing a front flip.

Dessert was vanilla cake decorated with skittles, served with ice cream of course.

Thankfully Michael's had all their 4th of July decor already on display in the store. So we had Red White and Blue plates and napkins.

The party favors were 1) glow bracelets, 2) butter mints in american flag wrapping, and 3) a pkg of water balloons. Caeden wanted glow bracelets because when strung together they look like the Olympic Rings.

We also made Score cards, but they were more for decoration since no one used them. they were glued onto straws and placed in a vase.

I enjoyed every part of the preparation for this party and am so glad that Caeden enjoyed his party.

Such a fun day!

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Art Teacher said...

What a fun party! I love it!