Monday, December 8, 2008

Bike Day

Mike is a brave man!
On Sunday, I had to work the nursery at church.  Since we only have one car, I had to use it.  He decided to ride the bike with kids in tow to Estero Park, about a 5.5 mile ride.  But he C's bike, and O's fire truck onto the stroller.  The ride was really hard, apparently it was a really windy day and I am sure he towed about an extra 100 pounds of weight.
But, they made it and had a great time, and the kids rode the bike and fire truck down the giant grassy hill at the park.
he rode 53 miles on his bike.  He and John want to try the 100 miler bike race in Cape Coral in January.  Yesterday they left at 4:30 am.  WOW
i am impressed with him!

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The Behlmers said...

Cute Lakes Park pictures!! And I LOVE the christmas tree! Very cute!