Monday, March 31, 2008


So Last night was so much fun.  My extremely talented sister Hope is an amazing makeup artist and the assistant Manager at MAC cosmetics store at Waterside in Naples, Fl.  I was asked to be a volunteer for their Event featuring their new line called Heatherette.  There were 8 volunteers, we all wore black and got to wear the new makeup line and walk around assisting the customers.  The colors were pink and purple, so there was a hot pink carpet rolled out in the middle of the store and there were hot pink cupcakes for each customer.  Heather and Addelyn came to visit us at the story also. Am, we really wish you could have joined us!! Here are the before and after pictures.  Hope seriously does wonders!!


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Kev and I are both checking you out and you look HOT! Now Kev feels guilty for looking at glamorous pictures of his friend's wife!