Saturday, April 12, 2008

fun websites

Safer Toy Guide 2007
this is a fun website.  they are having a give-away for mothers day and i am posting the above button to be entered for it.there are all kinds of ideas to glean from this website.
i am checking out some things for myself and for some moms-to-be.
here is the link for the site, check it out mom picks
while i was on their site i saw some really cute things worth posting about

Michelle, my sister in-law is due with her third child in May, i found a stylish diaper bag
that is also affordable. this is a really cute website too.

This website is fun and affordable can custom create your own onesies and tees for the little ones.  they are so stylish. with fun prints and colors.

 i like these ideas from chitty pulga, to teach the boys how to start to tie and lace and to encourage the artist at heart.
another cute diaper bag, also from chitty pulga

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